Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ticket Roulette Week #5

Pittsburgh at Virginia $24
A fair price.

Northwestern State at Texas Tech $6

Oklahoma at Colorado $58
Sooner fans will travel.

Washington State at Arizona $5
Still cheap tickets at the south end of the Pac10.

West Virginia at South Florida Football Tickets $82
Luxury Suites NORTH CORNER 1 $5,589.00 each
Selling out Ray John for the first time.

Penn State at Illinois $19.99
The Ronco Price..but wait there's more.

East Carolina at Houston $25
What would you pay? Not $25!

Temple at Army Football $30
An even match?

Colorado State at TCU $45
Good price for any MWC game.

UCLA at Oregon State $22
More expensive than last time we looked at OSU.

Ticket image from

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ticket Roulette Week #4

Georgia at Alabama Bryant Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, AL $188
Saban is paying off?

Illinois State at Missouri Faurot Field (Memorial Stadium) in Columbia, MO $35
Cheapest ticket of remaining games

Marshall at Cincinnati Nippert Stadium in Cincinnati, OH $13
Still no love in the Queen City.

Memphis at Central Florida Bright House Networks Stadium in Orlando, FL
No tickets for sale.

William and Mary at Virginia Tech Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, VA $75
Expensive for a 1AA game.

Purdue at Minnesota Metrodome in Minneapolis, MN $24
Only on the BTN?

Colorado State at Houston Robertson Stadium in Houston, TX $44
Only two tickets for sale in sec. 112 which is not on the map provided.

New Mexico State at Auburn Jordan Hare Stadium in Auburn, AL $14

Washington at UCLA Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA $5
And Gold sec. 18 row 32 Up to 4 at $56.00 which look to be pretty good seats.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Profitable Fantasy

A friend in college named Andy Higgins had a fantasy of a hot blond and a bottle of Wesson (alcohol might make the ideas more appealing the blond but well this is purely fantasy). The slightly more realistic fantasy of this bolg was to see the numbers behind one of these apparel deals. Below via a tip from a loyal reader of the BCF--the numbers behind the Nike contract with the Buckeyes. The margins that Nike commands in the shoe business is well known as they make the shoes in Asia for $3 and sell the fantasy of being ___filling in the blank____ in the games for a mere C noteand a half. Looking at how they are throwing money at the Ohio State University there is plenty of margin in the whole product line. The display of the Nike logo is of paramount importance so we see it in the close ups of the players, coaches, and waterboys. Looked at the deals from how often we get to see the Nike logo on the TV screen, which if there were truth in advertising would be changed to a dollars sign, this is probably a great spend.

A couple of notes about the deal:

  • The dollars are inflated by the fact the Nike buys at the factory and accounts for the donations in retail dollars
  • 12.5% royalty means that on a jersey the someone buys at $60 which the store bought for $30 OSU gets $3.75
  • Maybe the trainers tape can be purchased with Nike logos printed on it
  • Those that cry about the exploited college football player might want to consider the conditions in an Asian sweatshop

Ohio State Football reaches new deal with Nike
Thursday, September 13, 2007
Doug Lesmerises
Plain Dealer Reporter

Columbus -- Ohio State football trainers beware -- too many wrong tape jobs and you could cost the athletic department nearly $12,000 per messed up football cleat.

On Wednesday, Ohio State announced it had reached a new seven-year, $26 million deal for Nike to provide athletic equipment to Buckeye sports teams and make and sell OSU football jerseys that will kick in at least another $200,000 per year to the athletic department in royalties.

The new contract, which went into effect on Aug. 1 though it was just made public Wednesday, was signed despite the fact that a previous OSU-Nike deal was just entering the second year of a seven-year contract. That one was worth only $16.3 million. Perhaps the eight-year, $60 million deal Michigan signed with adidas in July, after formerly wearing Nike, had something to do with the renegotiation.

"As a completely self-supporting unit of the university, we are constantly seeking ways to generate new dollars to support our program," Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith said in a statement released by the university. "This agreement with Nike guarantees our student-athletes of the very best product in the industry and allows us to direct the money we would have spent on footwear and apparel to other areas."

The agreement includes payments to Ohio State of $1.188 million per year over the next seven years and $2.34 million per year in free shoes and apparel for all of its sports teams. It also includes $150,000 per year of Nike apparel that can be ordered by athletic department coaches and staff for personal use and bonuses for the publicity that comes with success -- including $10,000 for a national championship in football and $25,000 for a national championship in men's basketball.

The royalty agreement on exclusive apparel is 12.5 percent of net sales and 11 percent of net sales on non-exclusive products.

All in all, a healthy deal -- but oh, the tape jobs.

According to a copy of the contract, if more than five football players tape over or otherwise block out the Nike logo on their shoes, Nike can take back $11,880 for each shoe, up to a maximum of $59,400. And if it happens another time, the penalty is $23,760 per shoe.

In a somewhat related story ConAgra Foods recently announced that, "Wesson Oil has re-hired Florence Henderson as spokeswoman."

Hey she's blond, has access to plentiful supplies of Wesson, Mr. Brady is out of the picture, the kids are all grown and most importantly she has a certain Wessonality.

BCF will refer to the Nike logo but refuses to type the word swo....

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Quick Notes

Much has been written about the downside of the opening season cupcake/bodybag game but as Eunice Kim of the Statesman Journal points out happy fans and better track may be one og the benefits. The question this raises is, “How was the traffic in Ann Arbor after the Appy State game?”

The drought is over for the Duke Blue Devils as they defeated Northwestern 20 to 14 in this highly ignored game. Although the BCF requested that this be the prime time game of the week this game went largely unnoticed. Only those with BTN got to see this game.

Sep. 15 Duke v. Northwestern University
The bottom of the ACC v. near bottom of the Big 10? Come on ESPN throw us a bone and broadcast this one; look for that angle to create a real soap opera with this game.

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More Than Numbers

Any business student knows the simple formula: Revenue – Expenses = Profit (Lose). That said there is more to the impact of college football than this simple equation tells. The BCF has long contended that the public relations and promotional value of college football is grossly underestimated. Jane Stancill and Rachel Carter put forth in Small Colleges Adopt Football the cost of starting up a football program. The article has the unusual element of balance giving the motivation for pushing forward into the capital intense world of college football and some real world reasons motivations. For example:

1. At UNC-Pembroke, football is one way to attract students and keep them happy, said Chancellor Allen Meadors, …

…," he said. "There is absolutely nothing for students to do off campus. If we don't provide activities, it's just not there."

Last weekend, in a revival of a long-dead program, the UNC-Pembroke Braves stormed onto the home field for the first time in 56 years. The students did the wave and reveled in pre-game tailgating outside the sold-out stadium.

"It was just a huge sense of community," gushed Student Government Vice President Barry Burch Jr.

2. Fifty-seven percent of the nation's college students are women. St. Augustine's President Dianne Boardley Suber said her college is bucking the trend with 55 percent men on campus; the college plans to study the trend to see whether it is related to football.

The observation made in the article about having your team’s score on the ESPN ticker rings true to any older college football fan that can remember the Prudential College Football Scoreboard where the score of the Drake (Do you know where Drake Univiersity is located?) and Holy Cross games were reported weekly and etched into your awareness. Or for you younger folks, how many of you the likes of Boise State, Florida Atlantic or Troy State ten years ago?

The accountant will point to the balance sheet and tell you how much money is going out the door but the profit formula is more complex than the formula would lead us to believe as sometimes you need to address the revenue side of the equation through building awareness of your product. And as any marketer will tell you awareness is half of the battle.

(Drake University is in Des Moines, Iowa).

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

From UCF--Stadium Building for Dummies

One of the reasons, probably the main reason that college tuition cost have consistently risen faster that the inflation rate, is that those running the institution do not look for way to cut cost enough (the other related reason is the availability of student loans but that's another story.) College administration add feature, programs and buildings without looking at the costs that will be incurred down the road. If you buy a car for $20,000 and only leave yourself room in the budget for gasoline, the cost of maintenance will come as a great shock to your finances.

President John Hitt showed unusual savvy in building UCF's new on campus stadium as Mike Thomas explains in Steeled against naysayers, UCF stadium rocks. John Hitt dared to ask the question, "How can we do this more cheaply?" Opting for the use of steel rather than concrete was a major part of the cost savings and while that would not due for an NFL palace Penn State's Beaver Stadium has the same erector set look and few seem to notice (the product in on the field).

Another refreshing idea is, "They didn't spend a dime of taxpayers' money. Funding comes from contributions, naming rights and stadium revenues." Keeping costs low means keeping the state government , as much as possible,out of the process by not going the Tallahassee for the money is a big plus.

John Hitt should take his frugal ideas for building a stadium and sell them to other university presidents as anything he will charge is better than their current failed financial management. Or for free we can summarize: Keep costs under control.

Now how will the Golden Knights beat the Longhorns.
See the stadium here.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ticket Roulette Week #3

Ball State at Navy Football Tickets 9-15-2007 Saturday 5:00 PM $7.75
And you can have a nice time in Annapolis before the game.

Texas at Central Florida Football Tickets 9-15-2007 Saturday 3:30 PM $101.00
Opening day prices

Idaho State at Oregon State Football Tickets 9-15-2007 Saturday 3:30 PM $6
Cheap Beaver

Ole Miss at Vanderbilt Football Tickets 9-15-2007 Saturday 6:00 PM $15
Not the must see SEC games

Notre Dame at Michigan Football Tickets 9-15-2007 Saturday 3:30 PM $90
Looking for history for one of these teams.

Wyoming at Boise State Football Tickets 9-15-2007 Saturday 6:00 PM $60
The honeymoon continues?

Utah State at Oklahoma Football Tickets 2:30 PM $53
The bargin game of the season for the Sooners.

West Virginia at Maryland Football Tickets 9-13-2007 Thursday 7:45 PM $145
No cheap seats left. Even a parking pass is selling for a great price.
PARKING Z1 $93.00 each

Prices as of 5:00 9/12/07

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hidden Beauty

Rarely do you find someone else that takes the ideas seeming from your head and puts them to paper or at least the ideas you wish you had thought. College football journalism has a true hidden jewel in Matt Zemek at ( that writes about the sport in a poetic and insightful manner missing form most other reporters. Perhaps that is the difference Matt is a true writer where the others are reporters. This is not to belittle the reporter as the transmittal of the facts is of vital importance but the voice on the Weather Channel will tell you the forecast without any passion, depth or real insight. Matt, by comparison, does not rush nor dumb down the story rather paints the complex picture at the heart of the tale.

ESPN tries to complete the story in college football before that story has ever been written in the first place. Last year, the Michigan-Ohio State game was hyped on the final Saturday of September, almost two months before the game…

...No one at ESPN, though, seems to have paid any attention. Throughout August, and especially as the season approached, ESPN did extensive week-by-week projections of how the season and its rankings would play out. Can't anyone in Bristol realize how this poisons the well and predisposes people to cognitively frame the season before it has even begun?

In a moment of honesty Robert Smith appearing on ESPN’s College Football Live in the 25 hour build up to the LSU v. MSU game voiced the family secret (that only those that are blind or in deep denial have not already figured out) when he told us the advice given to him by Lee Corso, “Sell the game, sell the game.” ESPN is neither in the information like a reporter nor even the entertainment business they are existence to sell the fact that your eyeball are looking at that screen. Returning to our Weather Channel example there is no real reason Jim Cantore is on the beach in North Carolina other than the visuals (and people will stay tuned to SEE).

Anyone watching ESPN for the past five days knew that the two marquee game they were selling: Notre Dame v. PSU and VT v. LSU. Most consumers had the choice of close to a dozen games even before getting to the pay per view tier. Among those other games were some great stories such as the overtime games of Fresno State v. Texas A&M or La. Tech v. Hawaii and many others obscured by the birght light from Bristol. Even on the day ending wrap up the focus was on a few games and not much outside the Disney Sports universe.

Getting back to the topic of Matt Zemek invest your limited college football time reading everything he writes and turn off the infomercial that is ESPN.

Weekly Affirmation Sep 4, 2007

Instant Analysis: Virginia Tech-LSU

Instant Analysis: TCU-Texas

Instant Analysis: South Carolina-Georgia

Instant Analysis: Oregon-Michigan

Instant Analysis: Miami-Oklahoma

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ticket Roulette Week #2

As we get into the season the secondary market becomes more interesting as the demand will vary with the fortunes of your team. The bargin price for Georgia Tech tickets is surprising.

Prices are as published at 9/5/07 at about 4:00 p.m. EST

Bowling Green at Michigan State Football Tickets 9/8 $15
Endzone ticket price. There is a single in the upper deck at midle field for $12.

UTEP at Texas Tech Football Tickets 9/8 $18

Samford at Georgia Tech Football Tickets 9/8 $10
And this team beat the snot out of ND!

Nebraska at Wake Forest Football Tickets 9/8 $92
There must be money in that corn.

Oregon at Michigan Football Tickets 9/8 $31
And they'll thrown in a free paper bag.

Notre Dame at Penn State Football Tickets 9/8 $260
For Irish fans at this price you get a designer bag.

Lenoir-Rhyne at Appalachian State Football Tickets 9/8
No surprise.

Buffalo at Temple Football Tickets 9/8 $9
Plenty of tickets surprise.

N. Arizona at Arizona Football Tickets 9/8 $3.99
A new low.

Southern Miss at Tennessee Football Tickets 9/8 $47
About what you would expect from Vol fans.

Texas Tech at Rice Tickets 9/15 $45
Described as "Ledge"

W. Carolina at Georgia Football Tickets 9/15 $30
GT fans?

Charleston Southern at Hawaii Football Tickets 9/22 $55

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Coming Up On BTN

Two notes:
1. Women's Sports are given there due!

2. See the UM loss with your breakfast.

Friday, September 07, 2007
12:00AM - 1:00AM ET Big Ten Tonight
1:00AM - 4:00AM ET Big Ten Football '07: Youngstown State at Ohio State
1:00AM - 1:30AM ET Big Ten Extra Points

1:00AM - 2:30AM ET Big Ten Women's Show

2:00AM - 3:00AM ET Coachs' Q & A
3:00AM - 4:00AM ET Big Ten Tonight

4:00AM - 7:00AM ET Big Ten Football '07: Appalachian State at Michigan

6:00AM - 7:00AM ET Big Ten Tonight
7:00AM - 8:00AM ET Big Ten Tonight
8:00AM - 9:00AM ET Big Ten Tonight
9:00AM - 10:00AM ET Big Ten Tonight

10:00AM - 11:00AM ET Big Ten Women's Show

10:00AM - 11:00AM ET Big Ten Extra Points
11:00AM - 12:00AM ET Coachs' Q & A
12:00AM - 12:30AM ET Mark Dantonio: One on One '07
12:00AM - 1:00PM ET Purdue: Joe Tiller Show '07
4:00PM - 5:00PM ET Coachs' Q & A
5:00PM - 5:30PM ET Mark Dantonio: One on One '07
5:00PM - 6:00PM ET Purdue: Joe Tiller Show '07
6:00PM - 8:00PM ET The Big Ten's Greatest Games: 1999 - Minnesota at Penn
8:00PM - 10:00PM ET Friday Night Tailgate
10:00PM - 11:00PM ET Big Ten Tonight
11:00PM - 1:00AM ET Friday Night Tailgate

Better than the Home Shopping channel.

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Karma or Arrogance

Back in May Michigan AD discussed playing the early season cupcake/bodybag game and came across as slightly arrogant like the spoiled rich guy at the country club. Now we have reached the part of our movie where the young up and comer (nerdy but lovable) swamps his boat in the big yatch race and gets the girl. The only problem is in real life Appy State becomes the footnote and while Michigan is embarrassed for awhile they are still in the elite club that looks down there noses at those others.

Voices In My Head from May 2007

You know that voice that Hollywood would use for that rich spoiled man discussing how things are going at the yacht club and how wonderful those dinner parties are that Muffy throws after the polo game are (a clinched jaw helps). Use that voice while reading:

Martin repeated his scheduling philosophy, stating that Michigan will not sign a two-for-one contract -- offering a game at a small stadium -- under his watch.

"It's very difficult to leave the largest stadium in the country to go play in a 30 or 40,000-seat stadium," he said. ( U-M athletic director Bill Martin)

Perhaps the Wolverines would like the more intimate feel of the small of venue and connect with the fan.

One needs to question Mike O'Brien about accepting a mere $500,000 for their trip to The Big and Arrogant House as SEC teams are willing to pay much more for a win.

One more quote, "Yet Martin said he could envision facing a smaller school at a professional stadium, such as the Meadowlands just outside New York City." Is this a message or just a fleeting idea. Would a MAC team make the trip to Gotham for the chance to play the might UM? Would Michigan football sell in the Big Apple?

Hit and Run Comments:
Has anyone bought the movie rights yet?

UM paid $400,000 next time they might be willing to pay more for the bag to contain a dead body.

Appalachian State cannot be part of the Top 25 but it would raise an interesting question should Michigan run the table in the Big Ten.

Conspiracy theory: This was just one big promotional stunt for the great game that will only be seen on the Big Ten Network.

Caddyshack Quotes

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Attendence Week #1

Top 5
Idaho @ 1 USC
Attendance: 90,917

2 LSU @ Mississippi State
Attendance: 50,112

Western Michgan @ 3 West Virginia
Attendance: 60,563

Arkansas State @ 4 Texas
Attendance: 84,440

Appalichin State @ 5 Michgan
Attendance: 109,218
More in attendence or watching on BTN?

Others of interest

Connecticut @ Duke
Attendance: 17,251
So no one was there to see #13

Virginia (0-1) @ Wyoming
Attendance: 31,620

Wake Forest (0-1) @ Boston College
Attendance: 42,292

Miami (OH) @ Ball State
Attendance: 15,488

Navy @ Temple
Attendance: 30,368
Two words--Shore leave

14 UCLA @ Stanford
Attendance: 38,860

Eastern Michigan @ Pittsburgh
Attendance: 36,183

Army @ Akron
Attendance: 17,865

Washington @ Syracuse
Attendance: 40,329
39,000 hearts breaking

Richmond @ Vanderbilt
Attendance: 32,215

Missouri @ Illinois (St. Louis)
Attendance: 62,352
Success of the neutral site games

Louisiana-Lafayette @ South Carolina
Attendance: 78,234

Mystery Stadium

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