Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Ticket Roulette Week #2

As we get into the season the secondary market becomes more interesting as the demand will vary with the fortunes of your team. The bargin price for Georgia Tech tickets is surprising.

Prices are as published at 9/5/07 at about 4:00 p.m. EST

Bowling Green at Michigan State Football Tickets 9/8 $15
Endzone ticket price. There is a single in the upper deck at midle field for $12.

UTEP at Texas Tech Football Tickets 9/8 $18

Samford at Georgia Tech Football Tickets 9/8 $10
And this team beat the snot out of ND!

Nebraska at Wake Forest Football Tickets 9/8 $92
There must be money in that corn.

Oregon at Michigan Football Tickets 9/8 $31
And they'll thrown in a free paper bag.

Notre Dame at Penn State Football Tickets 9/8 $260
For Irish fans at this price you get a designer bag.

Lenoir-Rhyne at Appalachian State Football Tickets 9/8
No surprise.

Buffalo at Temple Football Tickets 9/8 $9
Plenty of tickets surprise.

N. Arizona at Arizona Football Tickets 9/8 $3.99
A new low.

Southern Miss at Tennessee Football Tickets 9/8 $47
About what you would expect from Vol fans.

Texas Tech at Rice Tickets 9/15 $45
Described as "Ledge"

W. Carolina at Georgia Football Tickets 9/15 $30
GT fans?

Charleston Southern at Hawaii Football Tickets 9/22 $55

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