Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And Now You Know....

...the rest of the story

You'd better sit down: Price of SEC football seats soars is a good article with a look at the price of seeing games at SEC schools. Apparently, the author does not go in for the way to find a bargain that has recently hit the food page where you learn that you can shop smarter and save money.

For instance, Florida charges only $224 for season tickets because purchasing them requires a $4,200 minimum donation. That means Florida fans are paying at least $632 per game, tops in the SEC and a 183 percent increase from 1998.

The reaction, “They get how much to see a season of games?” In theory you could donate $4200 and buy one ticket or if you read the Florida 2008 Season Ticket brochure (in .pdf form) you will see that a $4200 donation allows you to purchase up to four season tickets. Quick math tells us then at the minimum season ticket is $1274 or $182 per game. Reading further into the season ticket order form you find that there are numerous donation levels from the big time donor to the struggling new graduate. The true cost is far too complex to put into a newspaper article but, Jon Solomon is at the least guilt of ignorance or more likely sensationalizing. Also notice the upcoming price increase schedule for 2010. Florida Tickets Link Here.

The lesson of this article is the old adage about pricing. Charge as much as you can get away with. A simple idea with the tricky problem of where the maximum price is that does not piss off your customers.

A piece of advice for anyone that really wants to see their SEC team play; hope they are on Vanderbilt home schedule and then plan a road trip to that game. Birmingham, Alabama to Nashville, Tennessee is about 200 miles (400 miles round trip) Auburn tickets are $28. This might just be worth the trip.

2007 Video Vanderbilt at Auburn

On the other hand, is $3 too much to pay for seats at the Duke v. Vanderbilt game?

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just Like Mom Used To Make

How much can you tweek a tradition before you made major changes and messed it up. Think about Thanksgiving dinner, there are traditional family and societal parameter that are best to stay within. Serving a turkey and a ham is acceptable but just a standing rib roast maylead to a revolt. Pumpkin, apple, and pecan are within limits but coconut cream would just be odd. Traditions also dictate when you make and eat the food: How many pumpkin pies do you eat per year? For most of us there is just the one the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie.

The Army v. Navy Game is one of those traditions that is looking at alternative locations and maybe adding a sponsor. This game is wild popular and profitable for the schools and one of the few games either of these teams play in which they are truly evenly matched with the outcome decided by coaching and individual effort.

A young pundit several years ago called Army v. Navy the most overrate rivalry games. He looked at Ohio State v. Michigan and Alabama v. Auburn and saw the meeting of the service academies wanting. He was correct is looking at the player not being at the same level as top level BCS schools but failed to appreciate that a rivalry was about being evenly matched with the opposition and the tradition behind the rivalry. Army v. Navy is beyond just team or alumni with millions of active, reserve, and retired military personal have a little stake in the game.

Those pondering the future of this game need to exercise great caution in the direction the intent to take and remember the special place this game and pumpkin pie have in American culture.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pac 10 Game of the Week 2008

Game of the week rules: looking for the most intriguing (not always the most important) game, home conference games only, every team must appear at least once.

Monday, September 1
Tennessee at UCLA
The Vols will be heavily favored but the trip west is never easy.
Saturday, September 6

BYU at Washington
BYU starts building their BCS case.
Saturday, September 13
Ohio State at USC

Oklahoma at Washington
The Sooner should win this but this is a long trip and will have no bearing on winning the Big 12
Saturday, September 20

Georgia at Arizona State
The Bulldogs can finally earn some frequent flier miles

Boise State at Oregon
BSU is two years removed from a BCS berth. For the Ducks a win here can help their case for roses next January

Thursday, September 25
USC at Oregon State
Pac 10 Thursday night?

Saturday, September 27

Fresno State at UCLA
Pat Hill looks like a truck driver not a football coach.
Saturday, October 4

Oregon at USC

Saturday, October 11

Arizona State at USC
Measuring tape game as ASU played Georgia

Saturday, October 18
California at Arizona
Jockeying for position in the standings

Saturday, October 25
Notre Dame at Washington
Can Ty save his job with a win here?

Saturday, November 1
Oregon at California
The fight for #2

Saturday, November 8
Arizona at Washington State
Arizona State at Washington
Who is staying home this bowl season?

Saturday, November 15
USC at Stanford
A long shot for an upset but…

Saturday, November 22
Washington at Washington State
Apple Cup although a good Washington apple may be juicer than this game.

Saturday, November 29
Oregon at Oregon State
State may nothing to lose and be a dangerous opponent

Saturday, December 6
The Pac 10 for better or worse is the Trojans and then everyone else and after looking at the schedule you see that most of the non-USC games are trying to find your place between USC and Stanford.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Blinking Rich

(Note: Use of a persoanl story to make a point.)

Having little in the way of coordination and having an aggressive streak, the only sports for which I was any good at was wrestling. After a mediocre high school career I did enter an intramural as a college freshman only to learn the I was terribly out of shape and not appreciating the conditioning the sport took. Feel exhausted at the start of the third period, I put my arm around my opponent only to realize that his wild heart rate meant he too was out of shape. The only question was who would give in first.

In the case of West Virginia University v. Rich Rodriguez, Mr. Rodriguez blinked. Or more correctly the University of Michigan blinked:

One key that triggered a settlement appeared to be the pressure brought by WVU to depose Michigan President Sue Coleman and Athletic Director Bill Martin. There was a hearing scheduled in Michigan this afternoon on WVU’s attempts to force the two to testify under oath what they knew about the hiring of Rodriguez and the buyout clause in the contract with WVU.

Mr. Rodriguez may not come up the $4 million out of his own pocket with an organization associated with the UM athletics coming up with the cash. That still leaves Mr. Rodriguez with the legal bill and more importantly the IRS bill. West Virginia University will payoff their lawyers and try to move on.

Next time get that lawyer that wrote the Duke football contract.

Earlier post: Soap Opera Star

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Bread For Football

2008 Preseason Consensus 7/8/08

So how much will it cost to buy a ticket to see a top 10 team? While their are many issues that influence the secondary market for tickets and these price are the "asked for" this gives a view of the level of fan support/interest.

1 Ohio State
v. Ohio
Corner 30 $114.00 each
Corner endzone.

v. Michigan
End Zone 34 B $439.00 each
Other corner endzone.

Season Ticket $1699

2 Southern Cal
v. Washington
Upper End Zone $53.00 each
Exact location TBD

v. Ohio State
Upper End Zone $298.00 each
Sunny California, bring your sunscreen.

Season Ticket: $799

3 Florida
v. Hawaii
Sunshine End Zone 324 $86.00 each
SPF 40 or better for this opening game.

v. LSU
Upper Corner 47 $251.00 each
Sunshine not included in this endzone.

Season Ticket: $1225

4t Georgia
v. Central Michigan
Upper Level Sideline 611 $86.00 each
Not in the endzone but you may suffer a nose bleed.

v. Alabama
Upper Level Sideline 601 $208.00 each
At the other goal line from sec. 611

Season Ticket: $990.00

4t Oklahoma
v. UT Chattanooga
Lower Level End Zone 15 $48.00 each
Is the rodeo in town?

v. Nebraska
Lower Level End Zone 15 $124.00 each
If the Huskers get on a roll this could go higher.

Season Ticket: $500

6 Missouri
v. Southeast Missouri
Corner 5 $42.00 each
But this is rivalry game?

v. Colorado
Corner 5 $101.00 each
Sideline BB $101.00 each
Your choice of cheap seats

Season Ticket: None Listed

7 Clemson
v. The Citadel
Upper Sideline T $35.00 each
v. South Carolina State
Upper Sideline T $35.00 each
Cupcakes are cheap.

South Carolina
Upper Sideline T $225.00 each
Probably the same seats as above and now is the time to cash in.

Season Ticket: $669

8 West Virginia
v. Cincinnati
Lower Level Green Zone $71.00 each
Another ticket that may go up in value.

v. Auburn
Upper Level Orange Zone $148.00
Upper deck, corner.

Season Ticket: $760

9 Louisiana State

v. Troy (2nd appearance)
South 420 $50.00 each
v. North Texas
South 420 $50.00 each
South Belt teams do not sell tickets.

.v Georgia
West Upper 611 $255.00 each
Thought the price would be higher.

Note: Appalachian State at LSU Football $74. Is this an opening day premium or respect?

Season Ticket: $600

10 Texas
v. Florida Atlantic
Upper Level Sideline 102 $57.00 each
Again South Belt teams do not sell tickets.

v. Oklahoma
Lower Level End Zone 31 $284.00 each
Far and away the most expensive ticket for the Longhorns.

Season Ticket: $599

Question to think about with the secondary market for college football tickets: Does the big must see game depress the price of other games on the schedule?

**Prices from 7/8/08

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Monday, July 07, 2008

Big East Game of the Week 2008

Game of the week rules: looking for the most intriguing (not always the most important) game, home conference games only, every team must appear at least once.

Saturday, August 30
Syracuse at Northwestern
The continuing story of trying to find the bottom BCS football team.

Monday, Sept. 1
Fresno State at Rutgers
A big challange for the BullDogs that are living up to their anywhere anytime attitude.

Saturday, September 6
Cincinnati at Oklahoma
The Bearcats are an interesting up and coming team that has been scheduling up in their OOC games (Ohio State and Virginia Tech in recent years) and while this may very well be an win for the Sooners Brian Kelly is bring this team along to respectability.

Saturday, September 13
Virginia at Connecticut
How does the Huskies and Cavs match up?

Thursday, September 18
West Virginia at Colorado
A Thursday night coming out party for the Buffs or will the Mountaineers prove their name in the shadow of the Rockies?

Saturday, September 20
Iowa at Pitt
How far down is Iowa after the off the field problems?

Friday, September 26
Connecticut at Louisville
The Cards have quickly gone from contenders to also-rans. Steve Kragthorpe entered 2007 with high expectations and UConn was the surprise 2nd place in 2007.

Thursday, October 2
Pitt at South Florida
This game will determine who has a more meaningful game late in the season. At minimum this will determine #2 maybe even #1.

Saturday, October 11
Rutgers at Cincinnati
Jockeying for position in a conference where their maybe a lot of parity.

Saturday, October 18
Connecticut at Rutgers

Thursday, October 23
Auburn at West Virginia
National showcase game for the WVU and the conference with an interesting twist: IF WVU wins this game finishing 12-0 and the Tigers then go on the win the SEC finishing 12-1 (assuming loses by other top teams), could this add up to a rematch in the BCS Championship Game?

Saturday, November 1

Louisville at Syracuse
The battle to not come in last place? Greg Robinson’s game preparation might include updating his resume and figuring out how to put the best spin on his years in upstate New York.

Saturday, November 8
Cincinnati at West Virginia
The Bearcats last won in Morgantown in 2003 against another first year coach.

Saturday, November 15
Rutgers at South Florida
Expect the unexpected. The Bulls are 1-2 v. the Scarlet Knights.

Saturday, November 22
Pitt at Cincinnati
The scramble for second place continues.

Friday, November 28
West Virginia at Pitt
Which team will have more fans in the stands at ketchup stadium?

Thursday, December 4
Louisville at Rutgers
This will not be a repeat of 2006.

Saturday, December 6
South Florida at West Virginia
Looks like the key game of the season here in July but six months have a way of changing things.

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

SEC Game of the Week 2008

Game of the week rules: looking for the most intriguing (not always the most important) game, home conference games only, every team must appear at least once.

Thursday, August 28
North Carolina State at South Carolina
The Old Ball Coach is not getting any younger. Can the other USC be a contender? Heavy tune up against an ACC school.

Saturday, September 6
Miami at Florida
Will the Canes be able to make this much of a game

Saturday, September 13
Georgia at South Carolina
The Old Ball Coach is not getting any younger. Can the other USC be a contender? The real test.

Saturday, September 20
LSU at Auburn
December preview?

Saturday, September 27
Mississippi State at LSU
Last year this game was uglier than _____________ (reader’s choice). Can Sly narrow the gap?

Saturday, October 4
South Carolina at Ole Miss
“We may not be #1 but we’re better than those guys game.”

Saturday, October 11
LSU at Florida
Can Tebow lose here and win a second Heisman?

Saturday, October 18
Ole Miss at Alabama
Arkansas at Kentucky
Vanderbilt at Georgia
LSU at South Carolina
Mississippi State at Tennessee

Saturday, October 25
Georgia at LSU
Championship game preview?

Duke at Vanderbilt
So if Duke beats Northwestern and Vandy beats Duke then Vandy is the king of …

Saturday, November 1
Arkansas State at Alabama
Florida vs. Georgia (Jacksonville)

Saturday, November 8
Alabama at LSU
Saban returns

Saturday, November 15
Georgia at Auburn
Championship game preview?

Saturday, November 22
The Citadel at Florida
A true cupcake put at the end of the season.

Saturday, November 29
Auburn at Alabama
Like Army v. Navy the next week this is the season in one afternoon.
Georgia Tech at Georgia
How ugly will this game get?

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ACC Game of the Week 2008

Game of the week rules: looking for the most intriguing (not always the most important) game, home conference games only, every team must appear at least once.

Saturday, August 30
Alabama vs. Clemson (Atlanta)
Time for Tommy’s Tigers to start strong…or stumble out of the gate.
Saturday, September 6
Northwestern at Duke
Two teams looking for the right to say they’re the worst BCS program.
Saturday, September 13
California at Maryland
The Bears make a rare trip east for a match up with the Terps. This will be a more competitive game than the USC at UVA game last week.
Saturday, September 20

Virginia Tech at North Carolina
Tech starts strong but the Tar Heels might be able to Butch up and stop that trend.
Saturday, September 27
South Florida at NC State
A rematch of the 2005 Tire Bowl. Has Tom O’Brien’s team turned the corner? Can USF be a consistent team?
Saturday, October 4

Florida State at Miami
Two teams looking to assert their relevance in 2008 and beyond.

Thursday, October 9
Clemson at Wake Forest
Time to check in on Tommy. Is this another feather in the cap or another trip up?
Saturday, October 18
Virginia Tech at Boston College
Can this be anywhere as entertaining as last year?
Saturday, October 25

Virginia at Georgia Tech
A battle for the middle. Neither team is a contender but you just want to become bowl eligible while avoiding being the last ACC school to visit the Smurf Turf in late December.
Saturday, November 1
Duke at Wake Forest
But basketball season is still a month away.
Thursday, November 6
Maryland at Virginia Tech
The game is not as interesting as the pattern that ESPN has set up. Tech plays on Thursday November 1 and 8. Then Miami plays on November 8 and 15.

Saturday, November 8
Notre Dame at Boston College
Irish on Irish action…Brilliant.

Thursday, November 13
Virginia Tech at Miami
The hand off game.
Saturday, November 15
Duke at Clemson
North Carolina at Maryland
Wake Forest at NC State
Basketball is getting closer.

Thursday, November 20
Miami at Georgia Tech
The big ACC Thursday night finish? Paul Johnson did a great job at Navy but it is doubtful his first season at GT will be smooth sailing.
Saturday, November 22

Clemson at Virginia
Tommy watch #3
Saturday, November 29

South Carolina at Clemson
Florida at Florida State
Vanderbilt at Wake Forest
Time to test the ACC against the SEC, “Are we a power conference yet?” Also Georgia Tech at Georgia.

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