Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ticket Bonanza Week #5

Oklahoma at Miami at Land Shark Stadium in Miami, FL
216 ticket listings
Upper End Zone 431 27 2 $65.00 each

Colorado at West Virginia Thursday, October 1, 2009 at Mountaineer Field in Morgantown, WV
165 ticket listings
Lower Level Visitor 99 52 2 $47.00 each

Southwest Classic - Arkansas vs. Texas AM at Dallas Cowboys New Stadium in Arlington, TX
185 ticket listings
Upper Reserved 435 25 2 $120.00 each
When will the facility novelty wear off.

Air Force at Navy at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis, MD
81 ticket listings
Upper Level Sideline 101 5 Up to 4 $59.96 each

SMU at TCUat Amon G Carter Stadium in Fort Worth, TX
No tickets listed
There are tickets listed for other games this season.

Washington State at Oregon at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, OR
268 ticket listings
Corner 25 81 Up to 2 $23.00 each

Georgia Tech at Mississippi State at Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field in Mississippi State, MS
127 ticket listings
Upper Sideline 708 14 2 $8.00 each

Lafayette at Yale at 12:00 PM at Yale Bowl in West Haven, CT
4 ticket listings
sec. 16 6 Up to 2 $5.00 each

Jessica Alba cost...priceless

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ticket Bonanza #4

Miami at Virginia Tech at Lane Stadium in Blacksburg, VA
Upper Sideline 39 4W 2 $97.00 each
188 ticket listings
Is this the most important game in the ACC this year?

UAB at Texas AM at Kyle Field in College Station, TX
Upper Level 516 25 6 $22.00 each
199 ticket listings
Upper level in the endzone for $22 vs. Upper leve at the 30 for $49

Rhode Island at Connecticut Rentschler Field in East Hartford, CT
Upper Sideline 229 15 2 $27.50 each
24 ticket listings
Either URI travels well or most are not even bothering to try and sell their UConn tickets.

Notre Dame at Purdue Ross Ade Stadium in West Lafayette, IN
End Zone 115 61 2 $60.00 each
289 ticket listings
Thought that the price would be higher.

Louisville at Utah Rice Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, UT
Redzone N 29 54 Up to 8 $39.95 each
50 ticket listings
Redzone = Corner of the endzone
Given how poorly the Cards have performed over the past several seasons, why are these the most expensive on the schedule?

Cal at Oregon Autzen Stadium in Eugene, OR
156 ticket listings
Corner 38 20 1 $63.00 each
(Standing Room Only SRO Up to 11 $47.00 each)
First time SRO ticket have been seen.

Ohio at Tennessee Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, TN
318 ticket listings
Upper Level Corner GG 15 2 $24.99 each
Apparently Bobcats do not travel.

URI Rams

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Ticket Bonanza Week #3

Boston College at Clemson at Clemson Memorial Stadium in Clemson, SC
45 ticket listings
Upper Sideline C P 2 $50.00 each
Very thin market but Lower Sideline UJ M 2 $6,317.00 each and why such an odd number.

Wyoming at Colorado Folsom Field in Boulder, CO
48 ticket listings
Lower Corner 122 17 *Aisles* 2 $27.00 each
Wyoming fans don't travel? Or Buff's fans bailing?

Northwestern at Syracuse at Carrier Dome in Syracuse, NY
27 ticket listings
Lower Corner 128 S 2 $30.00 each
Interest growing in upstate New York. Now if the Orange can win.

Arizona at Iowa at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City, IA
97 ticket listings
Upper End Zone 214 35 2 $70.00 each
Higher price than expected.

Nevada at Colorado State at Hughes Stadium in Fort Collins, CO
1 ticket listing
Sideline E 24 Up to 5 $85.00 each
Prime seats.

Kansas State at UCLA at Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA
162 ticket listings
Bruin Reserved 16 A 2 $37.00 each
Nice seats to see a game at the Rose Bowl.

West Virginia at Auburn at Jordan Hare Stadium in Auburn, AL
199 ticket listings
Upper Deck Sideline 112 28 2 $46.00 each
Higher price than Kentucky on October 17.

Alcorn State at Central Michigan at Kelly Shorts Stadium in Mount Pleasant, MI
1 ticket listing
X 15 2 $9.00 each
Chippy fever?

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bill Mays Lied or Vise Vice

Coercion being forced to act in a way counter to what you want by an external force is all too come a business tactic. A former Pepsi salesperson told stories punishing retailers that would not cooperate by helping local competition run Pepsi products at lower prices in an attempt to embarrass the uncooperative retailer. The plan was that the pressure would cause a change of heart and a realization that the Pepsi way was the right way.

Somewhat less aggressive, but still coercive, was (and maybe still is) the practice of General Mills that will coupon the hell out of a new product so consumers will flock to their local grocer demanding the latest variety of Cheerios. With retailer being forced to add the new product to appease customers.

Now the evil empire of sports is doing the same to push your local ISP to add ESPN360 to your cable service. Mimicking the cable model by getting a fixed payment per subscriber where Disney Sports gets one check for the ISP (saving the cost of selling the end user and collecting the fee) and hiding the cost. Some less aware people may think that ESPN360 is a free service as they do not see Disney as the reason that the bill went up rather that evil greed ISP raised the price echoing the increasing cost of cable television where the provider is blamed.

Two games this weekend demonstrate the coercion that ESPN is attempting Marshall at Virginia Tech and East Carolina at West Virginia. Please note that coercion need not be extreme and in fact slow steady pressure may be the most effective. Neither of these game are particularly ground breaking but then neither was allowed to be broadcast as regional games rather each were on ESPN360 only. With loyal Virginia Tech and West Virginia fans becoming use over the past several years of seeing their teams every week on television (cable or broadcast) emails and phone calls were made to ISP's urging them to add ESPN360. Visit look at each week for the web only games and ask why would ESPN forgo the regional television revenue if they are not looking at more money from a steady check for all the customers of every ISP whether they want to watch the CFL or not.

More reading on the subject:
Computers in Management: Case Study: ESPN new media
A nice college presentation in a Word document

ESPN's ISP discrimination shakes Net neutrality hornet's nest
For the nerdy techie college football fan.

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Monday, September 07, 2009

Ticket Bonanza Week #2

North Carolina Central at Duke at Wallace Wade Stadium in Durham, NC
Sideline 7 F Up to 4 $8.00 each
19 ticket listings are displayed
Near the 50 at a bargin price.

Bowling Green at Missouri at Faurot Field (Memorial Stadium) in Columbia, MO
Sideline R 11 Up to 6 $41.00 each
13 ticket listings
Thin market for Tiger tickets.

outheast Missouri State at Cincinnati at Nippert Stadium in Cincinnati, OH
15 ticket listings are displayed
Bearcat Lair End Zone 133 18 2 $27.00 each
High price for seats at Nippert.

Notre Dame at Michigan at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, MI
815 ticket listings are displayed
End Zone 16 94 2 $88.00 each
2% (2047) of the seats are listed.

Purdue at Oregon at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, OR
221 ticket listings are displayed
Corner 25 65 Up to 2 $30.00 each
Perhaps Mr. Blount is in the market.

South Carolina at Georgia at Sanford Stadium in Athens, GA
61 ticket listings are displayed
Upper Level Sideline 604
11 2 $74.00 each
Early border war game.

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