Thursday, September 13, 2007

From UCF--Stadium Building for Dummies

One of the reasons, probably the main reason that college tuition cost have consistently risen faster that the inflation rate, is that those running the institution do not look for way to cut cost enough (the other related reason is the availability of student loans but that's another story.) College administration add feature, programs and buildings without looking at the costs that will be incurred down the road. If you buy a car for $20,000 and only leave yourself room in the budget for gasoline, the cost of maintenance will come as a great shock to your finances.

President John Hitt showed unusual savvy in building UCF's new on campus stadium as Mike Thomas explains in Steeled against naysayers, UCF stadium rocks. John Hitt dared to ask the question, "How can we do this more cheaply?" Opting for the use of steel rather than concrete was a major part of the cost savings and while that would not due for an NFL palace Penn State's Beaver Stadium has the same erector set look and few seem to notice (the product in on the field).

Another refreshing idea is, "They didn't spend a dime of taxpayers' money. Funding comes from contributions, naming rights and stadium revenues." Keeping costs low means keeping the state government , as much as possible,out of the process by not going the Tallahassee for the money is a big plus.

John Hitt should take his frugal ideas for building a stadium and sell them to other university presidents as anything he will charge is better than their current failed financial management. Or for free we can summarize: Keep costs under control.

Now how will the Golden Knights beat the Longhorns.
See the stadium here.

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