Sunday, June 28, 2009

Secret Ballots--Public Results

A college degree is not just the learning. In exchange for your time and ten’s of thousands of dollars you can tell people where you went to school and hope they are impressed. Is a student with a degree from Harvard or Yale head and shoulders above the person with a degree from a local state university that began at community college? Hard to tell? Looking over a stack of resumes, which stand out Yale or Northern Iowa?

In this season’s crop of preseason rankings there is one team (like Auburn in 2008) that will be ranking highly only to finish in November without a bowl bid. With the coaches’ ballot now to be secret it is interesting to see how another ballot is filled out.

"University of Florida President Bernie Machen, in a recent assessment of national universities, gave his school the highest-possible ranking, "distinguished," as he also did Harvard, Princeton and Yale universities."

See the ballot here

Running a large university is a difficult job and while you may have a feeling about the competition you may not truly have a nation wide perspective. Apparently President Machen has a very positive view of the job he is doing a UF. He therefore rated his school and therefore his job as “Distinguished”. Two other schools that were rated overall as being the equals of UF, Fordham (“Strong”) and the University of Delaware (“Adequate”) have taken steps to improve their positions in this ranking.

Recently there has been buzz that the Delaware Blue Hens were considering a move the FBS level given there success on the field and putting fans in their stadium. Fordham for its part shook up the sleepy Patriot League by offering scholarship for football which academically minded north eastern universities do not need. Since the 1950’s members of both the Ivy and the near by Patriot League have offered football scholarships. Consequently, college football in the region is smaller than the one would expect given the population. These schools need to learn from the great University of Florida and realize the you can have both...bread, circus and by the way since we say so academics.

So watch President Machen, the competition is upgrading their football and shortly may be nipping a the Gator’s in arrested and legal fees.

And remember, it is only wrong if someone is watching.

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Cash for Clunkers

Following the lead of our great and wise Congress the Business of College Football has authorized $50 in our attempt to stimulate and more importantly clean up America.

We here at the Business of College Football want to give you badly needed cash for the purchase of new college football publications and tickets and clean up the environment. For those that used all their tickets and have been responsible in recycling old magazines we say, “Tough luck! Being smart, thinking ahead, not wasting your money, and general personal responsibility will not be rewarded here”

Payments will be made for three items that can and should be recycled:

  • $2.00 will be paid for 2008 and older college football preview magazines (just the cover and a written plead to recycle the balance)

  • $2.00 will be paid for 2008 and older team guide publication publications (just the cover and a written plead to recycle the balance)

  • $1.00 will be paid for unused 2008 and older college football tickets

Send one of the above items to the address listed below and the Business of College Football will sent you one or two crisp one dollar bills.

Limit of one item per household. Offer expires 7/31/09 of when the $50 has been spent. Please remember to include a self addresses envelop (postage not required) for faster processing.


Business of College Football
c/o Brian McCormack
211 Pylesville Rd.
Pylesville, MD 21132

Yes, this is a serious offer.

Question? Email--

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