Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ticket Roulette Week #5

Pittsburgh at Virginia $24
A fair price.

Northwestern State at Texas Tech $6

Oklahoma at Colorado $58
Sooner fans will travel.

Washington State at Arizona $5
Still cheap tickets at the south end of the Pac10.

West Virginia at South Florida Football Tickets $82
Luxury Suites NORTH CORNER 1 $5,589.00 each
Selling out Ray John for the first time.

Penn State at Illinois $19.99
The Ronco Price..but wait there's more.

East Carolina at Houston $25
What would you pay? Not $25!

Temple at Army Football $30
An even match?

Colorado State at TCU $45
Good price for any MWC game.

UCLA at Oregon State $22
More expensive than last time we looked at OSU.

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