Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And Now You Know....

...the rest of the story

You'd better sit down: Price of SEC football seats soars is a good article with a look at the price of seeing games at SEC schools. Apparently, the author does not go in for the way to find a bargain that has recently hit the food page where you learn that you can shop smarter and save money.

For instance, Florida charges only $224 for season tickets because purchasing them requires a $4,200 minimum donation. That means Florida fans are paying at least $632 per game, tops in the SEC and a 183 percent increase from 1998.

The reaction, “They get how much to see a season of games?” In theory you could donate $4200 and buy one ticket or if you read the Florida 2008 Season Ticket brochure (in .pdf form) you will see that a $4200 donation allows you to purchase up to four season tickets. Quick math tells us then at the minimum season ticket is $1274 or $182 per game. Reading further into the season ticket order form you find that there are numerous donation levels from the big time donor to the struggling new graduate. The true cost is far too complex to put into a newspaper article but, Jon Solomon is at the least guilt of ignorance or more likely sensationalizing. Also notice the upcoming price increase schedule for 2010. Florida Tickets Link Here.

The lesson of this article is the old adage about pricing. Charge as much as you can get away with. A simple idea with the tricky problem of where the maximum price is that does not piss off your customers.

A piece of advice for anyone that really wants to see their SEC team play; hope they are on Vanderbilt home schedule and then plan a road trip to that game. Birmingham, Alabama to Nashville, Tennessee is about 200 miles (400 miles round trip) Auburn tickets are $28. This might just be worth the trip.

2007 Video Vanderbilt at Auburn

On the other hand, is $3 too much to pay for seats at the Duke v. Vanderbilt game?

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