Saturday, June 28, 2008

Complexity Headache

View from the GP endzone seats.

This is not meant to pick on the University of Maryland but recently arrived mailing brought up some questions. First the price for tickets varies by the opponent with a range from $38 to $50 but the least expensive season package coming in a $27 with the even cheaper family 4-Pak at $21 per game. While it is normal to have tiered seating for the Terripan Club donation seats, the option for the non-Terripan Club seats have more options than a Chinese menu:

General Public (GP) $285
GP Discounted $189
Red Zone $189
Faculty/Staff $228
Recent Graduates $228
Youth $185
Youth Discounted $123
Family 4-Pak $588

The GP ticket (purple) is in the endzone which is great when the play is on your end but terrible when at the other goaline or better the front of the third deck. For less you can sit in the GP Discount area (light tan), hopefully a few rows back of the GP folks in the upper deck rather than having front row 50 yard line in the old part of the stadium which is too low for a good view. Lastly if you are willing to risk a noise bleed you can do so in cushioned comfort in the chairback clad Redzone.

If people really wanted the seats the price could be much easier. Order yours here.

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