Saturday, June 28, 2008

Nugget of Information

The least popular person in the room can often be the one that points out those nasty little truths that the rest would rather ignore. The group would rather be happy and not have the problem of facing some of the problems that lay ahead one of the areas of college sports where reality will throw an ice cold bucket of water on the recent party is in travel expenses. As University of Wyoming AD points out:

“Our travel expenses, we think, will go up at least 20 percent this year,” Burman said. “That’s kind of a guestimate, because we don’t know what bus travel is going to cost,...

One trip the Cowboys will not be making is for their game against Texas but given some of the distances that MWC and WAC teams need to travel the cost increase in travel costs could hit these two hardest. Unlike the Orange that signed a one and one with Wyoming and then cancel the return trip.

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