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Bread For Football

2008 Preseason Consensus 7/8/08

So how much will it cost to buy a ticket to see a top 10 team? While their are many issues that influence the secondary market for tickets and these price are the "asked for" this gives a view of the level of fan support/interest.

1 Ohio State
v. Ohio
Corner 30 $114.00 each
Corner endzone.

v. Michigan
End Zone 34 B $439.00 each
Other corner endzone.

Season Ticket $1699

2 Southern Cal
v. Washington
Upper End Zone $53.00 each
Exact location TBD

v. Ohio State
Upper End Zone $298.00 each
Sunny California, bring your sunscreen.

Season Ticket: $799

3 Florida
v. Hawaii
Sunshine End Zone 324 $86.00 each
SPF 40 or better for this opening game.

v. LSU
Upper Corner 47 $251.00 each
Sunshine not included in this endzone.

Season Ticket: $1225

4t Georgia
v. Central Michigan
Upper Level Sideline 611 $86.00 each
Not in the endzone but you may suffer a nose bleed.

v. Alabama
Upper Level Sideline 601 $208.00 each
At the other goal line from sec. 611

Season Ticket: $990.00

4t Oklahoma
v. UT Chattanooga
Lower Level End Zone 15 $48.00 each
Is the rodeo in town?

v. Nebraska
Lower Level End Zone 15 $124.00 each
If the Huskers get on a roll this could go higher.

Season Ticket: $500

6 Missouri
v. Southeast Missouri
Corner 5 $42.00 each
But this is rivalry game?

v. Colorado
Corner 5 $101.00 each
Sideline BB $101.00 each
Your choice of cheap seats

Season Ticket: None Listed

7 Clemson
v. The Citadel
Upper Sideline T $35.00 each
v. South Carolina State
Upper Sideline T $35.00 each
Cupcakes are cheap.

South Carolina
Upper Sideline T $225.00 each
Probably the same seats as above and now is the time to cash in.

Season Ticket: $669

8 West Virginia
v. Cincinnati
Lower Level Green Zone $71.00 each
Another ticket that may go up in value.

v. Auburn
Upper Level Orange Zone $148.00
Upper deck, corner.

Season Ticket: $760

9 Louisiana State

v. Troy (2nd appearance)
South 420 $50.00 each
v. North Texas
South 420 $50.00 each
South Belt teams do not sell tickets.

.v Georgia
West Upper 611 $255.00 each
Thought the price would be higher.

Note: Appalachian State at LSU Football $74. Is this an opening day premium or respect?

Season Ticket: $600

10 Texas
v. Florida Atlantic
Upper Level Sideline 102 $57.00 each
Again South Belt teams do not sell tickets.

v. Oklahoma
Lower Level End Zone 31 $284.00 each
Far and away the most expensive ticket for the Longhorns.

Season Ticket: $599

Question to think about with the secondary market for college football tickets: Does the big must see game depress the price of other games on the schedule?

**Prices from StubHub.com 7/8/08

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Blogger Holy Buckeye said...

Any ideas as to why Ohio State's are substanially higher than the others?

2:14 PM  
Blogger Tommo's Books said...

Supply and demand. Relatively speaking, most major conference football teams have stadiums that are similar in size. However, Ohio State has the largest overall student body, which creates one of the largest group of alumni. Let's also not forget that it is near impossible for the general public to buy a ticket from the OSU ticket office for any game.

4:43 PM  

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