Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Blinking Rich

(Note: Use of a persoanl story to make a point.)

Having little in the way of coordination and having an aggressive streak, the only sports for which I was any good at was wrestling. After a mediocre high school career I did enter an intramural as a college freshman only to learn the I was terribly out of shape and not appreciating the conditioning the sport took. Feel exhausted at the start of the third period, I put my arm around my opponent only to realize that his wild heart rate meant he too was out of shape. The only question was who would give in first.

In the case of West Virginia University v. Rich Rodriguez, Mr. Rodriguez blinked. Or more correctly the University of Michigan blinked:

One key that triggered a settlement appeared to be the pressure brought by WVU to depose Michigan President Sue Coleman and Athletic Director Bill Martin. There was a hearing scheduled in Michigan this afternoon on WVU’s attempts to force the two to testify under oath what they knew about the hiring of Rodriguez and the buyout clause in the contract with WVU.

Mr. Rodriguez may not come up the $4 million out of his own pocket with an organization associated with the UM athletics coming up with the cash. That still leaves Mr. Rodriguez with the legal bill and more importantly the IRS bill. West Virginia University will payoff their lawyers and try to move on.

Next time get that lawyer that wrote the Duke football contract.

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