Monday, June 30, 2008

Not Piling On

You notice the failings or silliness of your close neighbors more than that bunch down to the street. Given the proximity of the University of Maryland their silliness is not any worse than other major program just easier to see. That explained, Coach Friedgen et al. have a promotional tool called Terrapins Rising which is moving into its second season as chronicle of the team.

A couple of observations about the recent Baltimore Sun article:

The school says it has resisted the impulse to delete scenes such as one last year in which coach Ralph Friedgen chastised a complaining player by snapping: "This is football, son. Not soccer." Edgy stuff? Play fill in the blank with the new offend no one perspective on the world, “This is football, son. Not ______________.” What if coach had said field hockey? Yes, this would have moved into the realm of sexism and the scene would have deleted.

The show cost $50,000 which is underwritten by Under Armour and is widely shown on regional sports channels (you have to fill the time up with something) and is seen as a recruiting promotional tool by the program. Viewing is restricted to those 25-30 recruits, devout fans, and those that have already mastered the secrets of real estate riches sporting rock hard abs.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

check out their WRs coming back this year

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