Monday, July 02, 2007

Ticket Futures--Maryland

The secondary market for Maryland Terrapins tickets may be even weaker than it appears. In an effort to minimize any impact for donations to the school has on the actual cost we are looking at the cheap seats where theoretically we get the clearest picture of the strength of the market based on the mark up. The price for Terps football tickets is like getting a seat on an airline with different packages and special discounts confusing the actual cost. Those purchasing general public discounted tickets get a price of $150 before April 1 and $162 later. These are, however, not the cheap end zone seats that may be sold to groups of 15-25 for $20 each. Someone looking to purchase tickets to a single game is better off in the secondary market as the ticket prices are well below the list ($42) for all the game with the exception of the West Virginia University where the ticket carry a premium of $66 over the UMD price of $48.

Villanova at Maryland 9/1/2007 $7
West Virginia at Maryland 9/13/2007 Thursday$66
Georgia Tech at Maryland 10/6/2007$22
Virginia at Maryland 10/20/2007$28
Clemson at Maryland 10/27/2007 $28
Boston College at Maryland 11/10/200$25
Total Revenue (best case) $176
Total Cost$150
Profit (best case)$26

The only explaination that make sense is that Maryland in a basketball school and football does not sell in the Land of Pleasant Living or fans save there money for Mark Synder and the Redskins.

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