Friday, June 29, 2007

Hello, Disney Well Hello Disney

"Hello, Disney Well Hello Disney"
Now imagine Louis Armstrong singing the tune without Barbra Streisand, Walter Matthau or a grotesquely over the top, even for a musical ending. Those of you young enough to have missed this 1969 hit film are indeed fortunate. However, for the purpose of today's entry, Hello, Dolly is about a matchmaker in 1890's New York. The key word here is matchmaker, helping couples get together like a personal eHarmony. This is something that our friends at Disney Sports are also in the business of by bringing us last season's Vandy at Michigan (not the most exciting).

West Virginia University found itself with a void in their schedule as the University of Maryland is taking a break from the 25 plus year annual series to play University of California (Berkley). WVU has been searching for a BCS opponent and finally made a call to ESPN for help. The matchmaker with the help of $200,000 found Colorado recently jilted by University of North Carolina and the deal was done. WVU will travel to Bolder in 2008 and the Buff's will visit Morgantown in 2009.

Yes, ESPN is the Barbra Streisand of the sports world.

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