Monday, June 18, 2007

Looking For Their Place In the Sun

So for the winner these are cupcake games then to the losing side these are "body bag" games. Given the financial needs can these teams afford not to play for the big payday.

The proposal, which will likely be finalized this summer, calls for the eight Sun Belt football schools to play at least 11 home football games in a two-year period. That would cut down on road games against top Division I-A teams that often pay as much as $600,000 a game.

This would not only mean the lose of $600,000 but the expense of paying another team and the lost opportunity to pull the big upset. The , "Playing only four home games is no way build your fan base," argument has merit and remind one of the paradox of the first time job seeker--employers want experienced workers but if you never get a job you will never be qualified.

Remembering our basics of Econ 101 if the supply of cupcakes declines while the demand stays the same then the price will rise so the total revenue may not decline as much as on might expect.

Parting shot--How much will it cost the elite team that gets beaten by a member of the Sun Belt Conference
See: Taking A Win For Grant----ed from last August

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