Monday, June 25, 2007

What is worth $75240000 to you?

The one Big 10 prediction that you can bank on this year is that the current dispute with Comcast over the Big Ten Network will get uglier.

5.7 million subscribers x $1.10 x 12 months = Third tier arguement. BTN and Comcast have been in a war of words that over the quality of product that will be shown on the new network. Rather than questioning the Iowa women's volleyball team directly the question should have been about the far market value of the product being offered on BTN. How will BTN fill up the other 8760 hours in the year?
Keep in mind the 35 football games and 105 men regular-season basketball games (55 plus regular-season women's basketball games, a great example of the gender equity that the channel announced) will only fill up on a fraction of the hours.

The offer from Comcast is fair, let the market determine the value of the channel place BTN within a sports package and give the consumer the choice. And it not just BTN that is getting this treatment from Comcast as the NFL Channel is being pushed into the Sports tier by Comcast as well.
"Nay," says BTN, "We want, deserve no demand inclusion in the basic tier." Does Mr. Delany fear the invisible hand of the marketplace?

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Blogger Bullseye said...

There are lots of low rated channels currently on basic cable that could be moved to digital allowing the Big Ten Network to be shown for no additional cost to basic subscribers. I would much rather have Big Ten Network than ION, Versus or Style. I bet a large percentage of Comcast subscribers would agree.

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