Saturday, June 23, 2007

Confess Your Grudge

Just be honest and straight with us Joe. There are two reasons that you will not allow Pitt on the Penn State football schedule:
1. Pitt for some reason rejected your Eastern All Sports conference and kept PSU out of the fledgling Big East
2. There is nothing to be gained by playing Pitt

The first is a motivation that we can all relate to as we all have the business that was less than honest and forthright with us—the makers of Ken’s salad dressing can rot in the worst part of hell. And the natural reaction is to hold a grudge—the makers of Ken’s salad dressing can rot in the worst part of hell. Joe Pa needs to be the bigger man and move beyond the sins of the past—the makers of Ken’s salad dressing can rot in the worst part of hell.

The second might the real reason Penn State is currently competitive in the recruiting of players from southwestern PA. With nothing to gain from playing Pitt as proves nothing and a loss may lead a recruit to consider Pitt. The recently announced series with UVA has the opposite effect of opening up new territory and does the upcoming games with Syracuse.

Personal aside: While in the food broker business we represented Ken’s salad dressing. On a sales call to my wholesale customer with the district manager from Ken’s he agreed to a introductory deal that included a buy one get one free. I heard it, the buyer heard it, the head buyer heard it but the gentleman from Ken’s denied making any such offer. He is a lying rat bastard and can rot in the worst part of hell.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

(let me first issue the following disclaimer: I am a Pitt alum).

I've recently been researching all this, and have been able to find no information that Pitt kept PSU out of the Big East. I have seen that said in a few places. However, Pitt did not have a vote on PSU, since it was not a Big East member at the time.

Since I am mostly unacquainted with the history, maybe someone can fill me in. Are there some sort of reasonably substantiated rumors that Pitt was manipulating things behind the scenes?

I'd really like to know, since my impression is that Pitt has usually been pretty loyal to its East Indies brothers.

5:41 AM  

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