Saturday, June 23, 2007

Black Comedy

So you never thought of a Disney theme park ride would become one of the most successful movie trilogies in Pirates of the Caribbean. You would, however,be proven completely wrong. So the idea of taking a New York Times article about college football and making it into a movie would seem just slightly more plausible? Again reality is more bizarre than we expect. While looking for a link to In College Football, Big Paydays for Humiliation from the Times that did not require you to log in, there were these links to articles about the outcome movie with the same title.

First came which teased the title but want you to sign up as for IMDbPro enjoying the 14 day free trial (no thank you). The article at gave more information including the fact the Jack Black would be the producer.

"In College Football, Big Paydays for Humiliation" (The Light Comedy)
Scandals, player rap sheets, and financial shenanigans can't stop the college football juggernaut — can Jack Black? The comedic superstar recently announced he'll produce "Big Paydays," a lighthearted take on teams paying large sums of money to play less-qualified opponents, guaranteeing more wins and a bigger slice of the NCAA pie. The film, which currently has no screenwriter, is based on a recent New York Times article by Pete Thamel.

Hopefully he will play a part similar to Carl Denham in King Kong (2005) with extra slime.

The next movie on the block should be Big 10 Network with the catch phrase, "I'm as third tier as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore."

Special thanks to the University of Buffalo for making the all possible.

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