Sunday, May 27, 2007

Irish Bowl

Two years ago the idea of a stadium on the West Side of Manhattan was given up for dead. However a group lead by the Big Apple Coalition has resurrected the idea of building a new “all weather stadium” (read that retractable roof) with the new twist of hosting a yearly bowl game with Norte Dame as the permanent participant. The game dubbed the Irish Bowl would pit the Golden Domers against an At Large team from a BSC conference. Notre Dame's interest in this project reflects a growing frustration with their current losing streak in bowl games. As an one source close the project explained, “Notre Dame feels that they deserve a bowl game match they can win. They sell more tickets and generate higher ratings than any other team in college football so they should be able to choose the opponent.”

Both NBC and CBS sports are reportedly expressing genuine interest in broadcasting the game in prime time against the New Years Day BCS game. The dollars for this game could be in the range of $20 million for Notre Dame and $10 million for the opponent. With those kinds of dollars this game could be the death nail to the current BCS arrangement.

Local bar owner Kelly McGill said, "Usually we have that big bump for New Years Eve and then business kind out dies. With the Irish here on January 1st I expect a whole lot of drinking and my cash register being full." The area usually sees a spike in hotel rooms for the New Years Eve celebration but a high vacancy the following days until settling back into the norm. As Robert Roy of the West Side Hilton put it, "Thank God they are Irish and not Scots."

In addition to the Irish Bowl the stadium would most likely host the Navy and Rutgers home games of their series with Notre Dame beginning in 2012.

The above is a less than successful attempt at humor and parody about bowl games in general and Notre Dame in particular. This was partly motivated by ND's recent moves to get an even bigger slice of the BCS pie.

Real news about ND and bowl games are discussed at:

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Anonymous Local said...

Your typos aside, this is a pretty lame attempt at a practical joke.

Notre Dame is an embarassment to college football in every which way.

2:33 AM  

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