Sunday, May 20, 2007

Keeping an Eye On

A half-dozen questions for Big 12 commissioner

No network...for now.

Deacons' title puts heat on rest of ACC
If Wake Forest can win it, folks say anyone can

All that I'm saying is give Duke a chance.

Host Communications 1
Host Communications 2
Follow up needed on Host Communications.

ACC puts Jacksonville on notice about title game attendance

If Jacksonville wants to keep the Atlantic Coast Conference football championship game, its citizens had better show up for the Dec. 1 game at Municipal Stadium.
That was the clear, albeit indirect, message delivered Thursday at the conclusion of the ACC spring meetings at Amelia Island.

The question here does someone in Jacksonville have the testicles to show the ACC the way out of town. Mr. Swofford, look in the mirror and at the AD's of your memebers and tell them to sell tickets.

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