Sunday, May 06, 2007

Another Reason for the Coach's Salary Boost

...boosters, who gave $845 million nationwide to their favorite Division I teams in 2004-05, thanks to personable coaches who connect with their richest fans.

So not only does the coach have to win on Saturday, manage the team, recruit the players but the head coach is the top fund raiser. Even at University of Cincinnati and Xavier relative light weights in college sports the need to talk up donors is one of the top jobs of your coach.

The constant need by college sports for money could be just like the junkie looking for the next fix and needing even more drug to get the same high. Or in the case of college football to continue the arms race of facilities.

Cronin would also like booster money to underwrite more charter flights in the season, similar to how Xavier travels with boosters sitting on the same private flights as players and coaches. That will, of course, require more time spent schmoozing with boosters after Cronin's daily work is done.

So you work all day and then need to sweet talk the client to make the big deal. What would you need as a salary to take that job.


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