Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Uncertain Times on the Open Range

The Big 12 was came in a close second to last in BCS conference during 2006. With a lose to Boise State, Oklahoma ended the season on a low note for one of college football's most noted conferences. The question for the 2007 season is whether a combination Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Nebraska can reestablish the groups' reputation. The problem for the conference is in the lack of balance between the weak North and the South. The games listed are the most interesting of the week and not necessarily to most important.

Saturday, September 1
Colorado vs. Colorado State (in Denver)
The Buffs and the Rams are one of the great opening acts in a college football season. While most teams are begining with a cupcake or a home and home OOC game these two get the season strated with a rivalry game.
Other Games of Note
Kansas State at Auburn--An interesting match up but it is not difficult to pick the winner here in May.
Illinois vs. Missouri (in St. Louis)--Tigers#1

Saturday, September 8
Miami at Oklahoma
A great BCS match up that will answer if the Canes are on the road to recovery or will spend the season spinning in the Atlantic (Coast Conference).
Other Games of Note
TCU at Texas--Are the Horn Frogs the next BCS buster?
Nebraska at Wake Forest--Wake up call for for the ACC?

Saturday, September 15
Iowa at Iowa State
The Big 10 v. 12 another early season rivalry game. On paper the Hawkeyes hold the edge but that gets toss away for this tradition.
USC at Nebraska--The obvious choice

Thursday, September 20
Texas A&M at Miami
Another chance for the Canes to prove their mettle on the MNF version of college football.
Other Games of Note
Saturday, September 22
Baylor at Buffalo--And why is a team form a BCS conference visiting Buffalo. Does Baylor need a new AD?

Saturday, September 29
Kansas State at Texas--This is the most interesting game of the week. Put it on the Tivo and use the FF button often.

Saturday, October 6
Oklahoma vs. Texas--The Battle of the South starts here. The loser will be hoping for a few breaks in the coming weeks.
Other Games of Note
Kansas at Kansas State--Which of these will take how bragging rights in the Battle of Kansas? Who wants to know?

Saturday, October 13
Texas A&M at Texas Tech--Battle of the South (Round #2)

Saturday, October 20
Texas A&M at Nebraska--A must win the the North as a the movement to sell the floundering operating to the WAC and MWC could gain momentum.

Saturday, October 27
Oklahoma State at Oklahoma--Can T. Bone Picken buy a win for the Cowboys?

Saturday, November 3
Texas A&M at Oklahoma--Battle of the South (Round #3). Getting ugly!

Saturday, November 10
Texas Tech at Texas--Battle of the South (Round #4). Looking like Rosie O'Donnell (if the name is mispelled, it simply is not important)

Saturday, November 17
Oklahoma at Texas Tech--There is not a team in the Big 12 South that looks to be able to dominate the rest. Fans of the SEC brag about the difficulty of their schedules but the Big 12 is not far behind.
Missouri at Kansas State (in Kansas City)--Tigers#1

Friday, November 23
Nebraska at Colorado--Will the Huskers look ahead to the Championship game? At Boulder late November the weather could become the 12th man.
Texas at Texas A&M--Dr. Pepper sponsors the Champoinship game and is currently promoting their 23 flavors. A promotion built around the number 23 on November 23 could give a little boost to the profile of the Dallas based soda.

Saturday, November 24
Missouri at Kansas (in Kansas City)--Tigers#3 The interesting item here is that this will be the third off campus game this season.

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