Thursday, May 03, 2007

Big $7.5 Million Each Network

Patrick Henry"Give me liberty of give me death!" No mention of sports.

People of the Mid-West look out your being taxed. Not directly but you will pay to add $7.5 million to the bottom line the eleven members of the Big 10 Conference. To be fair some of you asked for it but many did not but will pay anyhow. Here is how it going down:

1. Your satellite or cable provider will add the new Big 10 Network to your selection of channels
2. Enjoy access to all Big 10 programming
3. Each Big 10 school gets $7.5 million.
4. You will pay an extra $1 per month cover the cost and complain about the next increase in your bill to the service provider

The fee of $1 is probably what the market will bear but beyond the $2.50 to $3.00 a month for ESPN (Disney Sports) or the about the same as Fox News wants but less than what the NFL Channel wants "an extra 70 to 90 cents a month per customer."(an article discussing the dispute).

Some may say, "It is only $1 who is that going to hurt." And the answer no one will feel significant pain from this and some will true enjoy the content. However, to put the issue in perspective imagine the addition of the Sewing Channel which will cost you $12 per year. Still think the price is small?

There was some discussion of having cable go ala cart with customers picking a choosing the channels they want. While it is tempting to think of cutting your bill the other side of that blade will result in you picking up the true cost of your favorites without others subsidizing the cost.

Stand up Mid(dle) West America and say not to this tax.

Another article on the Big 10 Network.

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