Friday, May 18, 2007

SEC-Lonely at the Top

The home of the top Gators has been criticized for having a thin OOC schedule but there is nothing thin about playing an SEC schedule. The the exception of Vandy playing Wake, was 2006 a fluke, Forest and Arkansas' attempt to get into the win the SunBelt conference each SEC school has a quality game against a credible team for a BCS conference. That said, any worthy BCS conference should have about 50% of the in conference games with two top 30 teams. Teams like Ole Miss is at the bottom of the SEC and would be at the bottom of any of the other BCS conferences. South Carolina and Arkansas might find themselves with slightly improved BCS chances if they played an ACC or Big 12 (North) schedule but not head and shoulders above the competition. Even the top Gator might find the prospects of playing a Big 10 schedule (including the weather) an arduous path.

Note these are the most interesting games, not necessarily the most important.

Game of the Week
Saturday, September 1
Tennessee at California
The Vol go to Berkley. Remember to tell the busdriver that only left are allowed on the way into town. The return game of the series and will be one of those early test games acting as a conference barometer come November.

Saturday, September 8
Virginia Tech at LSU
The Hokies are the early favorite to win the ACC. A win in Baton Rouge will go along way to vindicate the VT and the conference.

Saturday, September 15
Louisville at Kentucky
The Wildcats can give themselves instant credibility by pulling off the upset here in the battle of the Bluegrass State. More likely is that the Cards will continue the recent dominance in this series.

Saturday, September 22
Arkansas State at Tennessee
Sadly Arkansas State is the best OOC teams playing against an SEC team this weekend--New Mexico State at Auburn, and Jacksonville State at Mississippi State are the other two on the slate. And how much for a cupcake?

Saturday, September 29
LSU at Tulane
There is little doubt about the outcome of this game but a good instate rivalry is good for the soul.

Thursday, October 4
Kentucky at South Carolina
The contest for who will finish with a better record than Vandy.

Saturday, October 6
Florida at LSU
West meets East, this game might determine a BCS Championship game bid.

Saturday, October 13
South Carolina at North Carolina
Mid-season test for the two conferences. Can a team in powder blue ever bea serious contender in college football?

Saturday, October 20
Auburn at LSU
Dogfight for the SEC West title and Michael Vick is no where to be found.

Saturday, October 27
Florida vs. Georgia (in Jacksonville)
The world largest family friendly poltically correct hide the beer party.
"I'm shocked. Shock to find drinking at a football game"

Saturday, November 3
LSU at Alabama
Nick, nicks. Can you say bad blood? How will Bama fans take a loss?
Saturday, November 10
Florida at South Carolina

Saturday, November 17
Vanderbilt at Tennessee
Don't laugh it has happened. Does the mascot for Vandy wear one of those great or merely carry around a 64.

Saturday, November 24
Florida State at Florida
Alabama at Auburn
Ole Miss at Mississippi State
Clemson at South Carolina
Too many to choose from. The battle of Mississippi may be the most underates games of the day for entertainment value. If FSU or Clemson have had a sucessful run through the ACC this is another chance to take stock of there postions in the BCS rankings.

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