Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sexy and Greedy

Look for Notre Dame A.D. Kevin White to renegotiate the Irish's deal when the BCS and FOX open contract talks--possibly as early as this summer. As it is now, Notre Dame gets $4.5 million in years it goes to a BCS bowl (compared with $17 million for each BCS conference champion) and $1.3 million when it doesn't. That deal was made during the Ty Willingham era and probably cost the Irish about $12 million last year. . . .

Quick math here but do the Irish think they should get a slice of the BCS pie as big as a conference? Matt Haynes math would imply that to be true. Yes, the Golden Domers deliver the viewers with a 9.3 in the Sugar Bowl so they may have the leverage to make such a demand.

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I hadn't checked out your blog in a while but I look forward to reading all your recent posts!

How's school stuff going? Getting ready for summer yet? Email me back if you get this! Thanks

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