Sunday, August 03, 2008

Razor Thin Connection Part #1

Warning: This post only has the thinnest connection with college football but a lot to do with business in part #2 it will be more clear.

You may know them as Proctor and Gamble (P&G), to their competitors they are known as Proctor and God. P&G has the knack for working magic in the world of consumer product from convincing us 20 years ago that a grocery manager that could not resist squeezing the Charmin as the reason for us to purchase the product to the miracle of making Drew Barrymore attractive enough to be deemed a Cover Girl. P&G is not perfect having lost on Olestra and given up on a venture into orange juice with Citrus Hill, but the company’s tract record is impressive enough that they are given the benefit of the doubt.

P&G’s arrogance rivals that to the SEC, Notre Dame, and Ohio State combined. The company so dominates the razor market that they are currently running ads against their own product.

While the use of professional wrestlers is less than classy, P&G maker of both Mach3 and Fusion and they want you to stop buying Mach3. Switching to the more expensive and profitable Fusion. When P&G purchased Gillette the CEO want to see the soon to be released product before closing the deal. The Gillette razor factory was called the mint given the tremendous margins that those little stripes of metal generate.

So how does this relate to college football? Check your Sunday paper.

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