Friday, June 13, 2008

Tickets Tips

WWhile not 100% about college football the secondary market for tickets is followed by this blog and therefore 10 Things Your Ticket Broker Won't Tell You gives some insight into the life of a ticket.

10. "Street scalpers might be your last hope."
Ticket-starved New York Giants fans who made the trek to Arizona to watch their team play in the Super Bowl this past February had the chance to get a big discount on tickets, if they were willing to wait until the day of the game. Faced with the possibility of getting nothing for their tickets, street scalpers were selling seats that had started off at $2,600 for $1,000. "It's open trading on game day," says Happel. "Your best bet is to go an hour before the game and take your chances. You can typically get tickets for face value or less."

From personal experience the scalper is looking to buy low from you and the find a chump. And from personal experience they get somewhat aggravate by the idea that you and the seller cut him out of the process. These guys aren't purely amatautres as if you talk to them they hit a couple of college games and then work the pro games on Sunday.

Have you ever had the nerve to wait them out?



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