Saturday, June 02, 2007

Yet More on BTN

Does this picture make you sick? The BTN's lack of honesty will have the same impact.

Why does your FAQ mislead readers on the cost to consumers and benefits for the Big Ten?

The following was sent to the BTN as a question:

In your FAQ you state that, "You will not have to pay more for the network if you live in the eight states of the Big Ten because we believe it is important enough to fans and to the communities in which the universities are located that the network should be carried on basic cable." Yet publish reports have the price being charged to operators at about $1.00 per subscriber. The cable company will pass that cost along to the subscriber. You are, therefore, asking the communities to contribute $12.00 per subscriber per year to your coffers. Further down BTN is unwilling to disclose financial information. This looks to be an indirect tax on the population. Please be more honest in your FAQ and provide the real picture so people can make informed decisions.

Even more (mis)information at

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