Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lincoln Logs to Greatness

“We’re an underperforming asset,”

The story of University of Buffalo football continues with a recent article in the Niagara Gazette--UB FOOTBALL: Program becoming university asset. The plan is to use football as a cornerstone for a image make over for the university. As discuss before

"Perhaps Mr. Manuel should review the story of WOSSAMOTTA U during the magical 1950’s. The twelve episodes could act as a blue print for the pitfalls of a small school attempting to go big time. Now what was the name of Boris’ team?"
What's a matter with UB or Bullish in Buffalo

One cannot question the basic stratgy for a school in the snowbelt; perhaps creating some sizzle with football will carry over to the rest of the university but they run the risk of giving a party which no one will attend. Given that both UB and Kent are in the MAC and each has chosen a very different course as to how football fits within their marketing mix it will be intersting to see the results in five years.


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