Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Lazy Columnist

We've all done it taken the day off and then slapped something togther that keeps the boss your back. No thought or creativity just dust off an old idea and pass it off as something new. Somehow the Big East is the easy target for just such a day and apparently Tim Cowlishaw had one of those days this week.

Original thought like:

But here's the problem that won't go away for the BCS.

The Big East stinks.

Or insight like:

The ACC and the SEC are loaded. The Pac-10, Big 10 and Big 12 are not as deep, but whoever emerges as those leagues' champions will be deserving of a reward.

In this young season the ACC has not proven themselves to be loaded and certainly not on par with the SEC. It would premature to crow about the 2-1 reacord the BE has against the LOADED ACC this year nor call those wins a statement as Steve Megargee did in SEC, Big East make big statements in Week 1 . Perhaps the crowing could begin at the end of September when most of the OOC games are finished.

The nice thing about a blog is the lack of a boss and no need to cover up being lazy.


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