Sunday, September 10, 2006

Economist or Journalist?

Cost of big-time football
The UConn Huskies are arguable the most successful program in recent memory when it comes to making the jump to D1 football. Ed Daigneault of the Republican-American wrote a nice piece on the dollars behind the move but it is unclear if he really understands the idea of a profit in the real business sense. The math is somewhat misleading, “So now the football Huskies have a $48-million, palatial home…” and then says “the football program produced $10.1 million in revenue and netted a $1 million profit.” The problem with this math is that the profit assumes no cost for the capital expenses of the facilities. The problem could be in the amount of space given and the background of the reader. Mr. Daigneault may have explained the financials in an overly simplistic manner because the average sports fan wants to know the details as much as a child wants a real explanation of where babies come from. If the factory was free even Ford and GM would turn a profit.

Cox? ESPNU? It's your call
Southwestern Iowa columnist realizes the complexity of the cable business after complaining about the lack of the Iowa opening day game on his cable. Nothing new in a sports pundit that over looks the power on money on sport. Journalism schools and what whatever prepares you to be a sports information director need a marketing/media/finance class. Better yet Mr. Sigafoose should read this blog and be better informed.


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Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the link! Interesting twist on a college football blog.


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