Sunday, April 23, 2006

What's a matter with UB or Bullish in Buffalo

Bullish attitude
Turner Gill ready to lead Buffalo in winning direction

University of Buffalo Revisited

“ athletic director Warde Manuel, who in 14 years as an associate AD at Michigan gained a reputation as a fund-raiser. In combination with drumming up more support for Buffalo athletics, he has targeted the school's inadequate facilities.”

The Bull’s are starting from scratch and need to upgrade facilities. Any self-respecting high school senior worth anything first looks at your facilities. Many if not most of the young men in college football seem to be very nice and level headed. However, there are enough that let the ass kissing that is the recruiting process go to there head that they begin to think that they are just a little bit more special.

The AD’s and coaches get into the mode of empire building keeping up with the Jones’. UB is playing catch up and it will be interesting to watch their progress over the next several years.

Perhaps Mr. Manuel should review the story of WOSSAMOTTA U during the magical 1950’s. The twelve episodes could act as a blue print for the pitfalls of a small school attempting to go big time. Now what was the name of Boris’ team?


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