Sunday, September 03, 2006

Quick Hits

True story about the Pay Day Bar: Leaf Candy that owned the brand in the 1990's had the great idea to make the bar healthier by reducing the salt on the peanuts. Now if you ever had a Pay Day Bar much of the charm comes from the sweetness of the carmel played off against the salt on the peanuts. Remove the salt and the thing is bland. The problem this great idea left Leaf with alienated cutomers but could not put the salt is back on the label. While it is always temping to blame the bean counters for this one the more likely suspect was some MBA marketing type.

Kansas City Star does not think much of the new 12 game format.
The extra game is not adding to the story just to the bottom line.

More from the K.C. Star, "Call it college football’s annual September massacre — the time of year when Division I-AA schools hungry for cash play Division I-A schools hungry for wins."

Have you ever heard of Northwestern State? The Demons? Apparently Baylor, Ole Miss, and Kansas have and that is why this pillar of college football is on the schedule of all three. And at between $215,000 and $325,000 quite the bargin.
The same article says we have a new winner in the Patsy Bowl with UL-Monroe taking home $2,300,000 to be the loser de jour. Read more here.

Montana State did not get the message (or maybe the script) the BuffZone had for a 70-3 game. Does this mean the Montana State won't be invited for these games as they have the stones to beat up the host/sugar daddy? The Richmond win at Duke does not count towards this Richmond is still welcome as a Patsy as are the Blow Blue Devils

Finally had a piece about why college player should not be played. A superior arguement is put forth below.


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