Saturday, September 30, 2006

Naïve or Prophetic

The combination of Sears/ K-Mart and Kent University, the Golden Flash, are a forgotten teams in an also ran locations. The most profitable part of the combination of Sears and K-Mart is the real estate that their lonely stores sit on. In the same way Kent has a hidden asset that other D1A schools are looking for.

Their record as reported at for the past ten years:

2005 1-10

2004 5-6

2003 5-7

2002 3-9

2001 6-5

2000 1-10

1999 2-9

1998 0-11

1997 3-8

1996 2-9

Since 1962 the Golden Flash have recorded just eight winning seasons with the 1976 being the high water mark at 8-4 (12 games allowed at they played Hawaii). The administration and alumni needs to look at where they are with football and look at the cost vs. return of upgrading their football program as a dynamo for the athletic program and the school. The odds are stacked against any epiphany at Kent unless new leadership arrives with a new vision for the school.

That side Kent should take full advantage of their cupcake status and begin to the process of selling their losing record to the highest bidder.


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