Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tale of Two Programs

As discussed here earlier UConn was in talks with Notre Dame for a seven game series in whick none of the games will be true home games for the Huskies. There would be four in South Bend and three played in large stadiums in the New England/New York metro areas.

"The agreement reached between UConn and the lawmakers would run from 2011-2017, putting three games at Notre Dame stadium, and three at sites in either Boston, New York or New Jersey. It also requires UConn to play at least six other home games during those seasons at Rentschler Field,..."
Deal reached in UConn football controversy

The requirement for six home games was inserted into the deal by the state legislature because as we all know all elected officials are top notch AD material. This is a big gamble for the young program but one that if successful will put them on the map in college football.

Rutgers and their recent success (note the high profile of the 2006 Louisville game) in a separate but probably related announcement broke off talks with the Golden Domers as they respectfully declined to cede there home field for the chance the play the gods of gridiron. Had Notre Dame been able to pull off both these deals they may have had the framework for the humorously proposedIrish Bowl in New York. The question for the Scarlet Knights is, "Can we generate as much attention for out program without Notre Dame?"

Thursday night ESPN games on September 11 against an improving North Carolina team and December 4 against a questionable Louisville squad are this years chances to shine at home in North Jersey.

Which campus will fear the visit the Ghost of Scheduling Past?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems like Rutgers has gotten more press from turning down Notre Dame than they would have playing them in the Meadowlands.
However, it seems rather suspicious that Rutgers backed out of the negotiations when the state agreed to expand their stadium. Playing the one game that would sell out in a stadium just a hour down the street wouldn't really help their argument before the state.

3:58 AM  

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