Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pitch Left

Last November Mother Jones ran a typical article critical of college football taking the expected view of the negatives: Title IX, money diverted from education, and corruption of the academic mission of the college. The is little new here but it is a good read for the average college football fan not only to know what opponents are saying but as the picture that does not flatter you--think Oprah sans lighting and make up.

A couple of factual issues: (these really jumped out)

Columbia plays in the Ivy League with no athletic scholarships and is very different from the typical D1 school.

Army and Navy do not play football in the Patriot League.

As for the title: The Quagmire of College Football,trying not to get political, the term quagmire harkens back to the lefts view of Vietnam and, while college football is a double edged sword, this label is not appropriate.

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