Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Slime Bowl Is A Better Name

Air Force...good!

Lower level ACC or C-USA team...alright.

Washington in late December...Not as bad as late July but not good.

Congress(ional Bowl)...just down right ugly. Proof below.

"Navy has become an attractive postseason candidate because we have shown time and time again that we sell tickets and bring fans," Gladchuk said. "Whichever bowl gets Navy, gets the commitment of an entire institution and the support of a widespread fan base."

Navy is invited to bowl game because theey sell tickets and they get TV ratings. As stated here before the bowl game is not about your team it is about getting people into town during the slow December travel season to spend MONEY.

That said with Paul Johnson leaving Annapolis the string of winning season may be coming to an end and it is not clear that the other two service academies have the same following. The other partner the ACC/C-USA may end up sending a Wake Forest or SMU that may not sell the needed tickets needed for a respectable payout. The Congressional Bowl may find itself going the way of the Garden State or the Cherry Bowl.

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