Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Plenty of Room in the Back

St. Petersburg in December? Click here to learn more!

Talk to both people that have been to a Devil Ray's game and you hear that the green velvet turf looks as bad in person as on television (see Red Sox or Yankee fan for their opinion). Now to the same venue will come the TBD Bowl from St. Petersburg, Florida. This game will pit a team from the Big East against a member of C-USA and is the creation of the fine folks at Disney Sports, "... ESPN. The network’s other bowls: Las Vegas, Hawaii, Armed Forces, and New Mexico." Or the Bowl and this will pull enough ratings to justify the expense. On the positive side it is in the east (better for Big East and 1/3 of CUSA fans) and is in a warm weather city. December 21 is a Sunday so this game should be the counter programming to the NBC NFL game.

An interesting quote form the article about prior Tampa are bowls, "... the defunct Cigar Bowl, held in Tampa from 1947 to 1954." How does Blunt Bowl sound?

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