Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ticket Roulette Week #1

Tickets Week 1
So while the rest of the football world looks at the green (or blue) on the field BCF using is looking at the color of money and asks,” With a week to kick off will this tickets sell?” We’ll check back on 8/30 to see if these seats are still on the market.

Low priced tickets at notable games:

Weber State at Boise State Football Tickets 8/30 $75
Big excitement for BSU and a smaller stadium.

Tennessee at California Football Tickets 9/1 $39.99
Is it politically correct to watch Tennessee football in the People Republic of Berkley.

Western Carolina at Alabama Football Tickets 9/1 $55
Comme on Nick sell ticket for Bama and the scalper.

Wake Forest at Boston College Football Tickets 9/1 $14.00
Are the Red Sox in town? Early ACC match up with little excitement.

Murray State at Louisville Football Tickets 8/30 $33.99
Hey Cards fans aren’t you willing to pay the Boise price

Washington State at Wisconsin Football Tickets 9/1 $54
A good price for Badger fans that want to see a quality opponent.


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