Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Getting to the Core

You have to admire good PR.
The art is to get your message out for free with the bonus being that the media positions your message not as an advertisement but as important information. scored a nice little coup when they published a list of the most expensive tickets in college football. Topping the list is the Notre Dame at Penn State game where someone is asking $1100 for a ticket. While neither team is in the top 10, the fan support/interest is so strong as to push ticket prices through the roof.

Both schools have devoted fans and as we all should have learned in Econ 54 (with Dr. Kim for whom pronouncing English words was a huge challenge) an increase in demand with a fixed supply will results in higher prices. As noted byCollege Football: Penn State Vs. Notre Dame the Top of the Five Hottest Games This Season the Irish sell tickets which gives them the leverage to get a bigger slice of the pie than they should. See Sexy and Greedy and Too Sexy for Their Own Good

Getting back to the issue, there is one lingering question, "Can you get a picture of the sucker that pays $1100 for those tickets?"

Two other interesting articles

Right on schedule?--Twelfth game complicating nonconference matchups

Seattle Seahawks to Fans: Please Watch Other NFL Games you just got to love the mixture of technology with commerce.

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