Sunday, August 05, 2007

College Business News

For all those CAA -- Colonial Athletic Association fans Comcast will have your football needs covered with CN8, Comcast Sports Net and on demand tape replays. Those with Comcast can watch a college game on those nights ESPN does not have a game on.

"We can negotiate almost anything," Big Ten Network President Mark Silverman said in a meeting with The Capital Times on Thursday. "The only thing we can't negotiate is (placement). This network will not be on a (digital) sports tier. Our goal is to bring our network to as many fans as possible."

How about price? Hey Charter offer BTN 25 cents per subscriber for the next ten years as the price for being on basic cable.

NFL Network Expanding Beyond Pro Football to College, Preps
”The NFL Network can be seen in 44 million of the 97 million U.S. households with cable, according to Nielsen Media Research. It is available on basic cable, the industry’s lowest- cost package, in 35 million of the 44 million households, according to a league spokesman.”

Does this take into account Comcast’s recent move to put Channel NFL as part of the premium package? And does this new programming mean they will show fewer NFL Cheerleader profiles?

Mark your calendars! For Mars Hills College football.
Mars Hill College football game to be nationally televised

There are nice photographs of the football stadium construction.

Learn more about this college here.

Sun Belt football keeps getting hotter
Conference still making strides against others
Maybe the Sunbelt Conference should be given more credit than merely just as cupcake games for BCS schools. Remembering to be respectful of the youth of these programs in D1 arena they have only one way to go which is up. Watch out Conference USA!

Speaking of life at the bottom: Escaping college football's basement easier said than done. Mr. Forde missed the opportunity to discuss how BSU beat the odds.

He was told that he would have to forfeit the season tickets that he had held for almost 30 years unless he donated $2,000 per year to the Flynn Fund in addition to the price for the season tickets.

Interestingly, Notre Dame is ended their series with Boston College and beginning a long series with Syracuse which make you wonder if they Athletic Department can command such a payment after 2008.

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