Thursday, July 19, 2007

Media Helper

The either the PR personnel from the Big East are very good in communicating their message or the journalists covering the recent media event in Newport, Rhode Island were too busy taking in the sights, eating shrimp, and brown nosing to do anything more than publish the prefab party line. To be fair it is called Media Day and there is no illusion that the purpose is anything more than publicity for the upcoming season. The reports try to take the same material and dress it up in different manners but what you get is just the journalistic equivalent of Hamburger Helper.

Look for yourself at the following articles filed for the recent Big East Media Day and see if there is much of a difference.

Big East football has never been better

Big East believes it's better than Cinderella

Big East Beasts Are Back

Big East bursting with pride--League talking national title

The key talking points were:

Great 2006 season

When the final AP rankings came out, Louisville (No. 6), West Virginia (No. 10) and Rutgers (No. 12) were ahead of Miami and Virginia Tech, the two former Big East powers whose departure to the Atlantic Coast Conference after the 2003 season nearly killed the league.

Big East bursting with pride--League talking national title

Heisman Talk

Brohm could have skipped his senior season and been a first-round NFL draft pick after throwing for 3,049 yards last season.

Slaton and White are the twin jet engines in the most dynamic running game in the country. With White at quarterback and Slaton at tailback, Rodriguez's spread offense averaged 303 yards rushing per game.

Big East bursting with pride--League talking national title

Back from the brink of death
That season, the league was struggling to regroup after the defections of Miami, Virginia Tech and, ultimately, Boston College. There were no trophies on the dais, not many smiles and not much media attention.
Big East believes it's better than Cinderella

The one exception is the article from this commonality was Big East football looks to continue 2006 success By Ray Parrillo (with the differnce pointed out by Mr. Parrillo points out is:

"What Rutgers did was really raise the awareness of college football in New York," Tranghese said. "College football has had a difficult time getting [good ratings] in New York. But if you look at the numbers in New York, you're startled by how good they are.

Rutgers' 28-25 win over Louisville on Nov. 9, a Thursday night, had the highest average rating for a college sporting event in the New York market since ESPN began rating them in 2000."

If Rutgers can continue their recent success and deliver T.V. ratings from Gotham, the Big East will find itself a very hot property.

On second thought maybe the Big East PR people need a swift kick. As they mostly failed in getting the important message out that Big East football delivers ratings.

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