Sunday, October 08, 2006

1AA v. XI (Influence of football needs to be addressed at I-AA level)

Cuts in programs at James Madison University are being blamed on the continuing financial tug of war created by Title IX.

James Madison University has announced it will eliminate seven men's athletic programs and three women's programs.

The reason given was to comply with Title IX through its proportionality option.

JMU's I-AA football program will not be affected. But JMU could have eliminated football and the impact on the rest of the men's athletic program would have been cut considerably.

Looking at the "balance sheet" as reported by the IndyStar the athletic department at JMU seems to balance the budget use $17,818,323 in student fees. The JMU women's basketball team only lost $22,236 vs. fottball which lost $254,770 but given the $1.1 and $1.7 million given to each form the very generous students these are more than just a little outside the relm of the account textbook.

Yet besides some entertainment value what does the average student get for these fees. Why doesn't Paul Woody go all the way and propose the elimination of all sports at JMU? That $17 million and change could be better spent on staff upgrades and making the university a better partnet with the community.

Here's a difficult question for you to ask next weekend, "Why the hell is ________(insert college name) in the business of football?"

Sunday, October 01, 2006

"We went over that already..."

BCS, the NCAA’s welfare program
The BCS is great, if you happen to be Abilene Christian
By Ron Morgan

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The Business of College Football--"Trickle Down" from May 14, 2006

Lincoln Logs to Greatness

“We’re an underperforming asset,”

The story of University of Buffalo football continues with a recent article in the Niagara Gazette--UB FOOTBALL: Program becoming university asset. The plan is to use football as a cornerstone for a image make over for the university. As discuss before

"Perhaps Mr. Manuel should review the story of WOSSAMOTTA U during the magical 1950’s. The twelve episodes could act as a blue print for the pitfalls of a small school attempting to go big time. Now what was the name of Boris’ team?"
What's a matter with UB or Bullish in Buffalo

One cannot question the basic stratgy for a school in the snowbelt; perhaps creating some sizzle with football will carry over to the rest of the university but they run the risk of giving a party which no one will attend. Given that both UB and Kent are in the MAC and each has chosen a very different course as to how football fits within their marketing mix it will be intersting to see the results in five years.
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