Saturday, August 05, 2006

John Auburn Strike Again

New Mexico State University exercised the clause in their contract with Oregon State University and cancelled the visit scheduled for September 1, 2007. The reason has Johnny Auburn has done it again, after making Buffalo a very attractive offer earlier this year to dump the game scheduled in Morgantown and instead book a flight to Dixie, they now have made an even more attractive offer to New Mexico State University that is canceling a 2007 date with Oregon State.

In 2004 NMSU had football revenues of just over $2 million with a loss of about $1.5 million (per information provided at The lure of $900,000 represents a strong incentive to break a promise and sell your team to the highest bidder. Auburn for there part after missing out on the National Championship game because a 1AA team on the schedule will pay what ever it takes.

How would you write this on E-Bay?


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