Saturday, August 05, 2006

Inventory Part 2

Keeping with the Wal Mart comparison begun in Inventory Part 1, a strong customer has the power to demand that goods be revised to meet their needs. Need proof? Go to your local Super Center and note the bonus packs that will not be found else where.

Disney Sports can also demand custom packs such as being the driving force behind the University of Michigan v. Vanderbilt University game for opening weekend 2006. As the article details Vandy was reluctant to cancel the game scheduled with MTSU but the power of the dollar changed their minds. Not as a slight to either institution but where is the sizzle in the game? Will the spin be: Upstart Vandy with a 5-6 record in 2005 against the Wolverines, giants of college football? More cynically the truth might be an attempt to put the Wolverine on ESPN with a slightly better or more interesting match up (ratings wise) then a MAC team.


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