Saturday, August 12, 2006

Deacons Close to Condo Idea

Wake Forest has plans to add a seven story tower to Gove Stadium. Given that Wake Forest had the #79 attendance (out of 117 teams) with an average crowd of 28,924, this may look to be folly. But from a business perspective this addtion make a great deal of sense as it offers a dramatic increase in revenue without requiring that Wake attract larger crowds. It is easier and cheaper to retain customers than to acquire new one so why not empty the loyal fans wallet first.

As suggested before this plan is one step away from adding condos to your alma mater's football palace.

Modifications that should also be considered:

  1. An underground parking garage with valet service
  2. Two penthouse apartments on the roof (the lights must be moved)
  3. A Starbucks on the ground level
  4. Several DiamondVision screens over the opposite side of the stadium
  5. Remotes for the DiamondVision


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