Sunday, July 30, 2006

2006 College Football Preview BS-damus

Not directly business related below is a guess as how Nostadamus would have written predictions for the 2006 college football season.

In heart of the farmers
Near the equinox of the year
A team from the large decade
Shall fall to the center of America

A violent wind will swirl
Those that sow wheat and corn
Will serve those of the bovines
Scandal shall befall the twelfth

A storm born of Sahara
The solstice will arrive
The sea bird shall fail to soar
Will not reign on the coast

No more an ocean of pax
One of the decade will rise
A desert will bloom for one
Another will rue the autumn

For foes of the Roundheads
Dispare and disgrace they know
Course will change suddenly
Joy to be found at the terminal

Canine to growl heard by all
Through flight and hurry
The bite cannot draw blood
Pack finds strength in defeat

Hatched of a humble nest
Upon wings of iron one soars
Knows no fear on the earth
High beyond where known

Slip silent through the grass
Stealth and patience in design
Teeth upon neck causes death
Feast from weakness of the herd

Add your own vague prediction for the 2006 season to the comments.


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