Friday, July 28, 2006

Creating Tomorrow's Problem

Among all the good feelings and smiles at the Atlantic Coast
Conferencepreseason media hype secession (an event common to
all the conferences),John Swofford announced a more structured
format for bowl gameassignments. At the risk of over
simplifying the pecking order goes something like this:

1/1a. BCS
2. Chick-fil-A (Dec. 30 in Atlanta)
3. The Gator Bowl (Jan. 1 in Jacksonville, Fla.) 4 Champs Sports
(Dec. 29 in Orlando, Fla.).
5a/b/c. Music City (Dec. 29 in Nashville), the Meineke Car Care
(Dec. 30 in Charlotte) and Emerald (Dec. 27 in San Francisco)
6. MPC Computers (Dec. 31 in Boise)

This plan solves the issue created at the end of the 2005 when
Boston College at 8-3 was passed over by the Meineke and Music
City for teamswith less impressive records. The Eagles of B.C.
despite going 5-3 found themselves on the cold tundra Smurf Turf
of Boise. The reason was the two way money exchange that is
college bowl games and the expectation that B.C.'s fans would
not do their part, show up in numbers and spendmoney.

At the top of the bowl pyramid the game and the venue are
sufficient togenerate the dollars required to make the economics
work. Those games without attractive locations or a rich history
are dependent upon the teams bringing fans to fill hotels and
restaurants during the holidays when businesstravel slows.

This solution may be the seed a future problem for the bowls in
a partnership with the ACC as being forced to take teams that
do not generate the revenue required may find themselves going
the way of the Garden State Bowl or Cherry Bowl.

Tidy Bowls article from the Orlando Sentinel although this Mr. Clean in the part of Mr. Tidy.

Remember things rarely are a TIDY as planned!


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