Sunday, May 28, 2006

Responsible action

The following is a copy of email exchanged with the Walt Whitman High School principal.

I removed the students from school as soon as I was informed of the formal

-----Original Message-----
From: Brian McCormack

To: Goodwin, Alan S.
Sent: Thu May 25 19:10:02 2006
Subject: Washington Post Article

Dear Mr. Goodwin,

I hope that the Washington Post misquoted you in today's article about the
alleged armed robbery committed by students that attend your school.

"Whitman Principal Alan Goodwin said yesterday that the five students were
being allowed to attend class and finish the school year because the alleged
incident took place outside of school and because none of the five had been
involved in any disciplinary problems."

If this is true you have shown poor judgement and I urge you reverse this
decision and then resign due to the obvious mistake you have made.

Brian McCormack

Given the over-population of lawyers in this nation the school system's hands were tie by procedures and only when the students were formal charged could they be barred from school.


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